Breast Surgery: The Big and Small of It Argumentative Essay by Leslie

Breast Surgery: The Big and Small of It
A discussion on breast implants, the role of the media, and the effects on young women in society.
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Breast augmentation surgery seems to be a growing trend in this day and age. Superficially, it has become accepted by society and often classified as beautiful. In reality, young women are paying exorbitant prices for a painful and risky surgery. In addition, the fragile self-esteem of these women is put into the hands of the doctors, hoping that they will make them beautiful. This research paper explores the effects of breast enlargement surgery and the media on college-aged women. The paper includes personal observations by the author.

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"It seems to me that plastic surgeons play on these insecurities to make their money. For an example, the initial consultation is thoroughly humiliating. The patient has to take off her shirt as the doctor marks all over her body with a "sharpie" marker. He points out all of the woman's imperfections and what he hopes to do with the surgery. Now, once a
young woman sees all of these imperfections she's never noticed before, she'll want the surgery more than ever. This is the mentality that the doctors hope for in their patients. In fact, according to Joel Studin, about 70% of the women who complete the initial consultation end up following through with the surgery (Studin 3). Another tactic used is the offer of a free consultation. While this may initially sound like the doctors are doing the patients a favor, they know that 70% are going to come back and pay $3,000- $14,000 to get the surgery completed. Yet still, the free consultation appeals to young women and brings them in, just to be pointed out where all of their imperfections are."

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