Black Market Economy Argumentative Essay by hicaliber

Black Market Economy
This paper discusses how male dominance of the sex trade injures the economic status of female sex workers.
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In this essay, the writer notes that while much of this paper focuses on the economic and social costs of the sex industry in America, it cannot be ignored that the sex industry is global. The writer points out that while traditional economic discussions focus on legally traded goods and commodities, the sex industry, is one of the most lucrative industries, both in the United States and in the global economy. The writer discusses that sex workers, whether they entered into the industry willingly or by force, are predominantly composed of members of the lower and lower-middle classes. The result is that the sex trade, although a possibly lucrative source of income for female sex workers, actually reduces women's economic power. The writer concludes that furthermore, the sex trade perpetuates existing class distinctions.

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