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Black Holes in Universe
This paper contends that existence of black holes in the Universe is still theoretical because there are no measurable or observable phenomena.
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Published on Feb 11, 2003 in Astronomy (Cosmology)

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From the Paper:

"Black holes, sometimes called "collapsars," are a class of astronomical object which has attracted great attention both from astrophysicists and the general public in the past two decades. According to theory, if an astronomical body is large or dense enough, its gravitational escape velocity will exceed the velocity of light: thus no radiation from it can escape to the outside Universe. It disappears within an "event horizon." Such an object, from which not even light can escape, would seem to be undetectable, yet black holes are of great interest to astronomers and physicists. A number of indirect methods of detecting black holes have been proposed, and indeed a number of black hole "candidates" have been identified. However, black holes remain a theoretical construct, since no persuasive indirect observational evidence has been found that would rule ... "

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