Argument Against PETA's Policies Argumentative Essay by ANRI

Argument Against PETA's Policies
This is an argument against supporting PETA and animal rights activists.
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This paper is an argument against PETA's policies regarding the protection of animals at all cost. The author argues that PETA and animal rights activists' policies have led to inequality in the world, and that the poorer nations are suffering as a result of these policies. The author also argues, that there is an order to the world, and that animals and humans each play a specific role in this world order.

From the paper:

"However it?s not acceptable at all for undeveloped or poor countries not having any of those advanced technologies. For instance, because of a lack of crops and vegetables, which results from not having advanced agricultural technology, people in poor and undeveloped countries need to get animals and eat their meat to survive. Besides, far from use and need, animals are like enemies to some tribal people. They have to fight with enemies, and they sometimes have to kill enemies in some cases. The policy of ?animal rights? is valid only for developed countries, and it indicates that such animal rights organizations like PETA mostly consist of people from advanced countries with great consideration for animals and no consideration for the needy elsewhere in the world."

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