Alternative Fuels Argumentative Essay

Alternative Fuels
A discussion on the alternatives to fossil fuels.
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Published on Dec 15, 2009 in Hot Topics (Global Warming) , Environmental Studies (General)

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This paper explains the importance of finding alternatives to fossil fuels. The author first explains what fossil fuels are and why they are fast depleting before taking a look at the two most common alternative fuels used, ethanol and bio diesel. The drawbacks of alternative fuels such as these are also examined as well as the technologies that companies are using to bring alternative fuels to the mass market.

From the Paper:

"In order to get from place to place we rely on cars, which run on fossil fuels. The main fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas. Fossil fuels are non renewable sources of energy and will eventually run out. These fossil fuels are older than the dinosaurs; they come from the decomposition and compression of plants and dead animals deep below the Earth's surface. As the trees and plants died, they sank to the bottom of swamps and oceans. They then formed a spongy material, called peat. Over hundreds of years, the peat was covered but sand, clay, and other minerals, which turned into sedimentary rocks. More and more rock piled on over hundreds of years."

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