Against Same-Sex Marriage Argumentative Essay by Suzannah

Against Same-Sex Marriage
An argument against same-sex marriage in the United States.
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This paper argues that same-sex marriage should not be allowed in the United States because its presence, especially over the long-term, will cause the systematic breakdown of American society. The paper explores the institution of marriage and its definition and contends that marriage is primarily recognized as being the institution that constructs society. The paper shows how the Bible establishes the sanctity of marriage and also highlights the environmental, as opposed to genetic, causes of homosexuality.

Defining Marriage within American Tradition

From the Paper:

"During the past few years, same-sex marriage (SSM) has been one of the most significant and leading religious/secular/political controversies in the United States. The debate is complex, divisive, and there is little possibility of arriving at any sort of compromise because SSM will either be allowed or it will be banned. Yet, its threat to society is profound and disturbing because of the way that it will change the structure of society. Indeed, marriage and the family are seen as the fundamental building blocks of society, and yet they are under unprecedented attack."

Sample of Sources Used:

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