African Americans and Jail Time Served Argumentative Essay by Nicky

African Americans and Jail Time Served
A look at the incidence of incarceration among African American young men.
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This paper examines and analyzes the incidence of young African American men experiencing higher rates of incarceration rate than members of other racial or ethnic groups. Various statistics are presented which attempt to further address this phenomenon. Additionally, the paper cites a number of factors which may contribute to this problem, such as social conditions. The paper also considers how the criminal justice system impacts African American incarceration, particularly noting that Blacks are underrepresented as judges and lawyers. Finally, the paper shows the discrepancy between length of prison sentences for Blacks compared to whites. The paper concludes by stating that this issues points out that things must change in the criminal justice system in order to promote equality.


Criminal Prosecution
Criminal Conviction
Prison Sentences
Time Served
Social Factors

From the Paper:

"Another factor in modern day criminality, especially among ethnic groups is gang activity. Rival gangs commonly clash in open gun battles or fights, threatening non-members who live nearby, but they engage in criminal activities, too. Gangs attract more violent members of the community, and they often engage in illegal activities, such as drug trafficking, prostitution, and robbery, and gang members must participate in these activities if they choose to be in the gang. Most the biggest, most violent gangs are made up of blacks or Hispanics, and so, they are a bigger target for law enforcement and criminal proceedings."

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