Affirmative Action: Right or Wrong? Argumentative Essay

An examination of affirmative action.
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This paper discusses the pros and cons of affirmative action and refers to a book called "Affirmative Action: The Price of Preference" by author Shelby Steele that deals with this issue. The paper also describes how affirmative action is now allowing groups of people who were not educated to receive jobs that they wouldn't have been able to do previously, arguing that this might not be right.

From the Paper:

''Affirmative action is used in today's world to help minority groups receive jobs and education that they are so called unable to obtain in life because of there race or color of their skin. I feel that Affirmative action is no longer necessary in our society. I feel that affirmative action has given certain groups of people bad personas. Not every person has to be given a job because of the color of there skin. Many people, African American, White, or Spanish, work very hard to get into schools and to get good educations. Because of this they are able to get very well paying jobs. It is completely unfair that men and woman who have been well educated are not getting jobs they deserve because companies have to fill a quota for Affirmative action. I feel a person controls his or her own future. If they do not work hard and don't get into school they will not get a good education. If you don't receive a good education you will not be able to perform well at your job.''

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