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Affirmative Action
Argues that people should not rely on the reverse discrimination policy of affirmative action to get them what they want in life.
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This paper argues that affirmative action is not a panacea for society's problems and injustices; it is a legal strategy to level the playing fields of academic and professional development. Laws alone cannot propel people into the lives they want; there must be the compliment of passion and commitment to overcome all obstacles in the pursuit of a personal goal. The paper argues that affirmative action does get minorities opportunities they would not otherwise have, yet ultimately the responsibility of achievement rests not with the government but with the individual.

From the Paper:

"We live in a very competitive, very volatile global arena today and those that take the affirmation to make themselves more relevant and stronger in it will have the best assurance against discrimination: knowledge and a passion to apply it. Yet Affirmative Action seeks to control the circumstances of people's lives so they don't have to find that passion, and that is just wrong. Instead of making a persons' life easy, they should make the person stronger to overcome obstacles."

Sample of Sources Used:

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