Advertising Tobacco and Alcohol to Children Argumentative Essay

An essay that argues in support of government restriction of alcohol and tobacco marketing and advertisement to children.
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This paper focuses on children's exposure to tobacco and alcohol marketing and advertising, arguing that these industry professionals are more concerned with increasing their own wealth than with any moral responsibility to children. The paper asserts that this is evident in the explosion of high-tech media promotion and advertising today, which requires regulations to keep the products in appropriate places to minimize the influence of alcohol and tobacco on children. The paper notes that youths are exposed every day by the billions of dollars spent on messages encouraging the use of tobacco products, and alcohol advertisements geared toward underage drinking are another dilemma faced by agencies who are trying to increase awareness.
The paper concludes that corporate social responsibility is the key to making moral social changes to enhance the lives of American children; however, if the corporations choose to not take these actions on their own, then regulatory laws must force them to do so.

From the Paper:

"In his Theory of Moral Sentiment, Adam Smith said, "Man ought to regard himself, not as something separated and detached, but as a citizen of the world, a member of the vast commonwealth of nature and to the interest of this great community, he ought at all times to be willing that his own little interest should be sacrificed." Such words should ring loud and clear in the ears of alcohol and tobacco marketing professionals. However, it seems more likely that their desire to increase their own wealth surpasses any thoughts of moral responsibility to children. This is evident in a quote taken from a Phillip Morris marketing report that reads, "The ability to attract new smokers and develop them into a young adult franchise is key to brand development." The explosion of high-tech media and advertising today requires regulations to keep the products in appropriate places to minimize the influence of alcohol and tobacco on children."

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