Advertising or P.S.A. Argumentative Essay by writingsensation

Advertising or P.S.A.
This paper discusses the matter of the advertising of alcohol.
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In this article, the writer looks at whether advertisements promoting alcohol are really advertisements or serve as a public service announcement. The writer discusses that as beer and wine are currently advertised on television more frequently than distilled spirits, viewers infer the wrong message that one form of alcohol is intrinsically more subject to abuse or ill affects than another. The writer concludes that the television networks ought to be forced to apply existing rules and regulations equally to all suppliers to alcohol. Further, the writer maintains that the real answer to promoting public interest and addressing ethical concerns about targeting underage youth lies in changing laws or applying company guidelines equally to all companies.

Are these true P.S.A.s or advertisements?
Are these messages in the public interest?
What ethical theories justify either running or not running the spots on television?
What ethical justification, if any, can be cited for running beer and wine ads but not ads for hard liquor? If there is no ethical justification for this, what (ethically) is wrong with this differentiation?

From the Paper:

"Many believe that advertisers should not be allowed to target underage audiences with products that are harmful to their health even if it means limiting constitutional protection because many children many children are not capable of making good choices. Research shows that youth exposure to alcohol advertising increases awareness of that advertising, which in turn influences young people's beliefs about drinking, intentions to drink, and drinking behavior.
Opponents of advertising alcohol on television are growing more vocal as alcohol advertising that reaches youth expands, leading many to believe that alcohol vendors intentional target underage drinkers."

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