Abstinence Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education Argumentative Essay by scribbler

Abstinence Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education
An argument that abstinence only programs are not an effective educational strategy.
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This paper takes the position that abstinence is not an effective strategy, and comprehensive education programs are more effective. The paper presents the data available, notes the key problems in assessing the effectiveness of abstinence programs, and considers why the United States is so fixated on abstinence rather than on thorough, relevant programs to teach students the things they really need to know about sex and its ramifications. The paper concludes that abstinence was a very expensive project vigorously promoted over the past 8 or so years, and it has failed to reduce sexual health risks for teens.

The Abstinence Only Approach
Comprehensive Sex Education

From the Paper:

"According to an article in the journal Evaluation & The Health Professions (Smith, et al, 2003, p. 180), it is difficult to fully evaluate the success or failure of abstinence programs because "...significant problems exist in the methodology of such studies." In fact, Smith goes on, studies on the success or failure of abstinence are "plagued" with problems, ranging from the design of studies to the sampling and measurement of research studies, Smith explains. Some studies designed to measure the effectiveness of abstinence programs contradict one another, which is not what scholars need in order to provide effective accurate reports to the public.
"One of the key problems in assessing the effectiveness of abstinence, Smith reports, is errors that are generated at the respondent level. There are two main problems that pop up in these surveys. One, adolescents feel pressured by peers to report "...a profound knowledge of sexual matters, a liberal attitude toward sex," and on top of that peers want participants in surveys to report "...a high level of sexual activity," Smith goes on. And two, on the other hand adolescents may want to report "...lower levels of sexual knowledge and behavior" along with "conservative attitudes towards sex to parents and other authorities," according to Smith."

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