Abortion and Developing Nations Argumentative Essay by scribbler

Abortion and Developing Nations
Argues that if the abortion rate declines and the 'bastard' rate increases, the future of global economic and socio-economic stability will remain dubious.
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Published on May 24, 2013 in Hot Topics (Abortion) , Women Studies (Women and Society)

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This paper argues that, even though the issue of abortion has morphed from a domestic issue into a global pandemic that affects the developed and undeveloped world, abortion is not really such a critical issue as believed. The author underscores that this so-called threat of abortion to developing nations is largely attributed to the religious frame of reference that defines the right for the unborn to enter into the world. The paper contends that the natural rights of the unborn to be fed and sheltered by the parents and the government, which is impossible with the overpopulation often seen in developing countries, are better protected by the availability of abortion.

From the Paper:

"The sociological argument to support the abortion decision is somewhat pro religious. The idea of unwed women having 'bastard' children is not necessarily a function of having children out of wedlock. In fact, the situation is economic in nature. Simply, there is a lack of resources for a growing population. Members of the population must develop their intelligence or a talent to a critical point to obtain resources necessary to provide for a family. Often, the fathers are unreliable and unable to provide for their new offspring and abandon the mother and the child.
"Abortion provides a 'way out' for the woman and prevents another uncared for child from entering into a foster care and welfare system that is already strained and operating at capacity. The pro-life agenda can also be viewed as a pro-military agenda, whereas the children 'saved' from the abortion practice often are raised in non-nuclear families where their individual needs are not addressed. The subsequent result is likely a life in the military. Unfortunately, these are the children that comprise the frontline infantry and other undesirable military positions. Children from broken families are unlikely to score a 98 on the ASVAB and outscore a Cornell graduate. However, there are outliers."

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