Abolish the Juvenile Court? Argumentative Essay

Abolish the Juvenile Court?
Argues that juveniles should be tried as adults.
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The author of this paper takes the position that juveniles should be tried as adults. The paper focuses on violent crimes committed by juveniles, why they commit these crimes and why they behave this way. Specific cases of elderly victims of juvenile crime, such as "Sullivan vs. Florida" and "Roper vs. Simmons" are discussed as well in order to support the author's contention.

Table of Contents:
Table of Contents
Reactionary Statement
Joe Harris Sullivan
Drug Usage
Parental Influence
Phoebe's Laws

From the Paper:

"Drugs and gang warfare are also players in juvenile crime. Many gang leaders indoctrinate their subordinates to behave in a manner entirely inappropriate for habitualizing with 'normal' society. By having a 'strong' gang member figure to look up to, juveniles feel included in something and want to impress their gang, and especially that figure. This is a huge problem when trying to combat juvenile crime, as locating gang and gang members is a monumental task. Peer pressure is not something that can be worked around; many children feel peer pressure and this can range from something minor... to cases with tragic consequences such as Phoebe Prince bullying case."

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