A Critique of The Ford Motor Company Argumentative Essay by writingsensation

A Critique of The Ford Motor Company
An argumentative essay on the Ford Motor Company and utilitarianism, using excerpts from John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty".
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Published on Dec 26, 2006 in Business (Companies) , Philosophy (General) , Ethics (General)

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The paper describes Ford Motor Company as following a utilitarian doctrine. The writer proposes that the case study, of Ford Motor Company's manufacturing a Pinto vehicle without a safety device, clearly exemplifies some of chief moral objections to the doctrine of utilitarianism. The writer examines the moral implications of this doctrine through John Stuart Mill's work, "On Liberty". The writer concludes that Ford's negligence exposed consumers to a series of harms that were just as threatening to those consumers' liberties as the infringement of a sovereign or a majority's will upon the rights of an individual.

From the Paper:

"Mill even warns of a tyranny of the majority that must not be allowed to go unchecked. Thus, even if Ford as a company is to be equated with the majority that still does not excuse the company's heedless actions. "Apart from the peculiar tenets of individual thinkers, there is also in the world at large an increasing inclination to stretch unduly the powers of society over the individual, both by the force of opinion and even by that of legislation: and as the tendency of all the changes taking place in the world is to strengthen society, and diminish the power of the individual, this encroachment is not one of the evils which tend spontaneously to disappear, but, on the contrary, to grow more and more formidable." "

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Mill, John Stuart. "On Liberty." 1860. Harvard Classics Volume 25. Copyright 1909 P.F. Collier & Son. [11 Dec 2005] http://www.constitution.org/jsm/liberty.htm

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