Argumentative Essay

The primary focus of an argumentative essay is to prove a point, assertion, opinion, theory or hypothesis relevant to a given phenomenon or idea. The essay should be structured in a manner that demonstrates why the authors' line of reasoning is more valid or truthful than opposing viewpoints.  Provided below are some tips for writing and structuring an argumentative essay:

What to Include in the Introduction of an Argumentative Essay

  • The primary topic the author wishes to assert
  • A brief discourse on its significance and relevance
  • A review of studies or literature related to the subject material
  • Your thesis statement i.e., your position on a controversial topic

What to Include in the Body of the Argumentative Essay

  • A detailed discussion of both sides of the argument
  • A more in-depth look at your own position with supporting evidence
  • Use a mix of different types of evidence from statistics and quotes to interviews and studies etc.,

What to Include in the Conclusion of an Argumentative Essay

  • A restatement of your position
  • A brief summary of your arguments and how you supported your position.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay

  • Write passionately but objectively.
  • Make sure you can back-up your thesis with facts.
  • Think up what counter-claims there might be to your argument so you are sure that can be sure to support your thesis logically, completely, and factually.
  • As you review your essay, ask yourself if you find your arguments convincing.

Finding Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Browse the Internet for argumentative essays topics.
  • Read the newspapers, the Internet, and magazines for updates on controversial topics that would make a good subject for an argumentative essay.
  • Look at sample argumentative papers for ideas for argumentative topics.
  • Buy a pre-written argumentative essay for ideas for argumentative essay topics and to use as examples after which to model your own argumentative essay.

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