World at Birth Analytical Essay by Nicky

World at Birth
This paper discusses learning lessons from history as history appears to repeat itself.
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In this article, the writer notes that there is a saying that "history repeats itself," and it is true. In The writer maintains that it seems that somehow the lessons are not learned, no matter how many times repetition occurs. Looking at the events of the writer's birth year, 1987, provides several examples: The end of the Cold War, the stock market crash and President Reagan and the Iran Contra Affair. The writer discusses that today Russia is now beefing up its military once again and joining the United States in its aggressive moves, the actual truth behind the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq is still not known and the U.S. is going through another stock market fiasco that is even worse than the ones that have occurred in the past. The writer concludes that if history does actually repeat itself, somehow it is important for the lessons learned from history to be strongly instilled in individuals as they are acquiring their education.

From the Paper:

"With most of the information thought to be in, it is believed that in 1980 the Reagan-Bush campaign secretly agreed with Iran to delay release of Embassy hostages until after the November election, in return for future arms. On January 20, after Reagan replaced President Jimmy Carter and took the oath of office, the hostages were released. Five years later, a high-ranking Israeli asks National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane for a munitions transfer in order to release Americans hostages in Lebanon. McFarlane and President Reagan arrange for U.S.-made weapons to be transferred to Iran from Israel and the first American hostage is set free two weeks later. Reagan covertly signed an authorization that called the operation with Iran an arms-for-hostages deal. This was from a president who once claimed he would never make deals with terrorists."

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