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Women in "The Iliad"
By looking at the female characters in "The Iliad", this paper discusses the roles of women in the contemporary society as well.
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In "The Iliad", Homer presents women, both mortal and goddesses, as people of good intellect and considerable problem-solving ability. This paper explains that, while the Greek society of the day is shown, in "The Iliad", to be patriarchal, the women demonstrate that they know how to work within this system to accomplish what they want.

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"Athena shows her willingness to serve mortal men in the very opening of the poem, when she disguises herself and comes to Telemachus, Odysseus? and Penelope's son, and advises him on how to go about finding his father. She remains a steadfast helpmate for Odysseus, Penelope and Telemachus throughout the story. However, the patriarchal nature of Greek society, both human and heavenly, seems to be revealed: Athena had to have the permission of Zeus, her father, before giving aid. This has to be tempered with the fact, however, that Odysseus has angered the god Poseidon by blinding his son, Cyclops. In a deified world where the gods have all the flaws of humans, politics must be considered. Athena herself may have received some protection by getting Zeus? permission first."

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