Wind Energy as an Energy Source Analytical Essay by Mr

Looks at wind energy as a non-polluting alternative energy source.
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This paper first points out that, as the global energy sources continue to dwindle, the world is yet to fully explore wind energy as an alternative energy . Next, the author argues that wind energy could be an effective producer of electricity both for individual family use and for commercial purposes. The paper discusses wind energy in terms of its technology, resources and cost effectiveness as well as its impact on the environment.

Table of Contents:
Wind Energy
How Does the Wind Energy Technology Work?
How Much Energy Can Be Created Or Saved By its Application? In One Home? In All Homes?
How Much Does it Cost (Including Installation) and is it Cost Effective?
Would You Recommend this Technology and Do You Think its Use Should Be More Widespread and Why?

From the Paper:

" Have you wondered what causes wind? According to science, wind results from the uneven heating of the environment from the sun. Uneven heating of the planet also results from the rotational movement of the earth along its axis. In fact the direction of the wind flows is impacted by some factors including oceans and other bodies of water. The wind flow pattern is an important factor which led to the term "wind energy'. Wind energy is subsequently used by modern wind turbines to produce electricity. Wind turbines have propellers which are spanned by wind energy. This spin reaction then turns the shaft which is also hooked to a generator which produces electricity.
"How much energy can be created or saved by its application? In one home? In All Homes?
"The wind energy industry is growing, but one can say that the industry is at an early stage of its evolution and development. Currently the global wind energy output accounts for about 2.5% of the total global energy produced. The World Wind Energy Association suggested that in 2010, wind power had the capacity to generate 430 TWh annually. This is about 2.5% of total energy generated worldwide."

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