William Wordsworth as a Nature Poet Analytical Essay by Nicky

An analysis of William Wordsworth's transcendent view of nature in his poetry.
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Published on Jun 11, 2012 in Literature (English) , Literature (Poetry)

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The paper aims to demonstrate how Wordsworth's use of nature imagery in his poetry is intended to describe a spiritual reality. The paper goes on to explain how nature for Wordsworth is not simply the opposite of modern civilization or a form of escape; it is seen as a symbolic and real alternative to the emptiness and vacuity of modern life. The paper highlights his transcendent view of nature in his poem, "Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey" and in Book 14 of "The Prelude".

From the Paper:

"In general the Romantics were opposed to the tenets and the ethos of modern scientific and industrial civilization. This can be seen in the way that they interrogated and condemned the rise of scientific and industrial society. (Introduction to Romanticism) Conversely, the hallmark of romanticism is their emphasis on the role and value of the imagination. In essence they were opposed to the conventional views and perceptions of their time and to what they saw as the growing movement towards an overly rational and mechanical view of reality.
"Nature therefore played an extremely important role in this broad artistic movement in that it represented the antithesis of the rational scientific worldview. Nature was seen by the Romantics as a symbol of freedom from the mechanical and rational mentality of industrialization.
"Wordsworth in particular is known for his use of natural symbols as an expression of his desire for a more creative and spiritual reality. This is evident in one of his most famous poems, Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey. In this poem Wordsworth contrasts the beauty of nature with the mundane and stark reality of modern civilization. He also laments the fact that the absence of an understanding and closeness to nature in the lives of modern men and women has led to a crisis of spiritual and existential meaning."

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