Why was the Haitian Revolution Successful? Analytical Essay

Why was the Haitian Revolution Successful?
A discussion on the causes behind the success of the Haitian Revolution.
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Published on May 26, 2015 in History (Latin America)

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"The 1791 slave uprising in the French colony of St. Domingue was the largest slave revolt in history and the only one to lead to the creation of a state. It is celebrated worldwide as a great blow to slavery and marked as the dawn of many Latin American revolutions that took place in the 19th century. Slave revolts are not an uncommon occurrence, rebellion to slavery has occurred on small and large scales in every era of human history. From Spartacus to Nat Turner, slave rebellions have met heavy resistance and been brutally put down. So the question is, why did the Haitian Revolution succeed? The answer is not simple. Haiti's success relies on the changing political climate, the external forces that played major roles in obstructing and aiding the rebellion, the internal struggle of racial hierarchy in St. Domingue itself and individual leaders that were able to inspire and unite the black population. All these components played a vital role in deciding the outcome of a 15-year struggle for dominance.
"The slave uprising was a battle for superiority between many factions and states. White plantation owners (grand blancs), lower class whites (petit blancs), free blacks (gens de couleur libres), slaves and runaway slaves called "maroons" (Geggus, 2002, p. 7, 8). All fought for control of the colony with several different and complicated alliances between them and the countries of Britain, Spain and France. The slave revolt was not a just a black versus white power struggle. It contained many different factors that contributed to the eventual creation of the autonomous Haitian state. The most important of these factors is the example of the American Revolution and the French Revolution."

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