Where is the Psyche in Psychology? Analytical Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

Where is the Psyche in Psychology?
A persuasive essay that emphasizes the value of studying the "psyche," or soul, and laments that such research, such as that of Harold Saxton Burr, is largely ignored in the field.
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This persuasive paper strives to showcase the importance of including study of the "psyche," or human soul, in the field of psychology. The author points out that not just the psyche, but consciousness, personality, ego, mind, and similar terms common throughout psychology refer to abstractions that can be demonstrated, but cannot be assigned a definite and precise tangent in physical time and space. The paper's conclusion laments that the greatest misfortune is not just how much the refusal to consider psyche research retards our understanding of psychology and biology, but rather, what that refusal says about the general attitude in science.

From the Paper:

"Like psychology, the life sciences have their own undesirable but recurring issues that they have attempted to sweep under the rug or dismiss, but without success. Perhaps most of these issues have bearing on psychology as well. For example, the consensus view of neuroscience is that the mental processes, consciousness and the mind arise from the processes and activity of the brain. Given the results of biofeedback studies, lesion studies, learning and memory studies and many, many other studies, this idea ranks as one of the most foolish in science."

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