What Stem Cells Are Analytical Essay by Dante885

What Stem Cells Are
Looks at the way stem cells build and maintain our bodies.
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Published on Apr 04, 2013 in Biology (Molecular and Cell) , Hot Topics (Stem Cell Research) , Ethics (General)

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This paper explains that stem cells are less differentiated than specified cells, such as skin or bone cells, thus retaining their ability to reproduce into other types of cells. Next thepaper relates the types of stem cells and how they are used. The paper stresses that the central ethical question is whether the prospective benefits of stem cell research outweigh the harm of destroying human embryos.

Table of Contents:
What are Stem Cells?
Types of Stem Cells
Major Uses of Stem Cells
Some Facts

From the Paper:

"According to researchers, stem cells, and especially the pluripotent stem cells has a potential of being used in medical research and medical therapies. Stem Cells are already useful in medicines. One skin stem cell alone can produce enough specialized skin cells to cover the whole body. This produced a breakthrough in the treatment of extensive burns2. However, the treatment cannot replenish all the damaged cells of the region, but what it does is that it replenishes the outermost layer, which can also be termed as skin and is very important to survive. Research is still going on in various laboratories to study the formation of the sweat glands and the other cells beneath the skin. Afterwards, scientists will be able to will be able to treat an extensive burnt patient completely with the help of stem cells. Stem cells are also used to treat patients with blood disorders such as leukemia. Transplanting just a few blood stem cells is enough to repair the entire blood system Few other uses of stem cells include:
"Patching the organs that does not works properly. E.g. Diabetes is a chronic disease defined by high blood sugar levels. The blood sugar level rises due to the deficiency of Insulin produced by the cells in the pancreas."

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