What Makes Theories in Human and Natural Sciences Convincing? Analytical Essay

What Makes Theories in Human and Natural Sciences Convincing?
This essay investigates the factors which make the theories in human sciences and natural sciences so convincing.
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Published on Oct 17, 2014 in Philosophy (Science) , English (Analysis)

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From the Paper:

"A theory is a generalization of one or more hypotheses, supported by concrete evidence, which is built over a period of time with inputs in the form of claims from several scholars . The word 'built' must be emphasized, as forming a theory involves reasoning and logical connections which are in turn deduced from the hypotheses and evidence. Thus, the evidence supporting the theories plays a major role in making the theories convincing. To illustrate, theories in medicine are totally dependent on this principle of evidence- i.e. if the tests react positively on certain disorders, the theory would be accepted, or else, rejected.
"Evidences are usually taken on the basis of observation or any other means of sense perception. Though observation can be a good source of primary evidence, several problems related to observation could arise, bringing an element of uncertainty in the evidence obtained. In the case of natural sciences, the observer effect and observer's expectations could affect the readings and evidences to a large extent. While in the case of human sciences, minds of people cannot be directly read and moreover, observing people may affect the way they behave; again altering the readings obtained.
"Besides evidence, the methodology followed in reaching the final conclusion makes a theory either convincing or unpersuasive. For instance, the Social theory of Hans-Hermann Hoppe, which is a combination of two theories in Economics and Sociology, anarcho-capitalism with a cultural ultra-conservatism, follows a great methodology in expressing how the theory works . Firstly, it provides an alternative to democracy by generalizing the efficiencies of the market; and then imposes a new system onto society; called the 'natural order'. Such a logically reasoned theory makes it thoroughly convincing. Such theories not only make us 'believe' and 'have faith' in them, but also help us 'know' their role and impact on society; undoubtedly influencing the readers."

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