What Christ Means to Me Analytical Essay by scribbler

What Christ Means to Me
Looks at the author's perspective on Jesus claiming Himself as God, the Bible having authority and Jesus born of a virgin.
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This paper states that the author believes that Jesus is God and that He came in the flesh thus fulfilling the prophecy. Next, the author asserts that Jesus used others to write the Bible as told to them by Jesus. The paper relates that the author thinks that Jesus did not have to be born through a virgin but chose to do so to demonstrate that He is a human and a deity as one.

Table of Contents:
Did Jesus Claim to be God?
Does the Bible have Authority?
Did Jesus Need to be Born of a Virgin?

From the Paper:

"The Bible teaches that the word became flesh. This is God in the flesh and demonstrates the human aspect of Him. Furthermore, one can see this in Philippians 2. Furthermore, one has to note that Joseph came from the line of Jeconiah as seen in Jeremiah 22:28-30. If Jesus was not born in this way, then he could not claim rights to the throne. As a result, he could not claim that He is God. His authority is meaningless at this point, and His words from the beginning of time would have no meaning.
"Therefore, what Christ did through the virgin birth was needed in order that people would come to know Him as Lord both then and now. What happened long ago is a miracle. He used Mary and Joseph for His glory. Additionally, if He could have chosen to come down to earth as a man without using mankind but He did. This makes Him Lord and King because He inherited His throne by fulfilling Scripture as far as back as Isaiah 53. He is worth of our praise and worship. This makes one want to learn as much as possible when defending the faith in hopes that others will come to know Jesus as Lord."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • Towns, E. (2007). Core christianity. Chattanooga: AMG.

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