Water Pollution and Contamination Analytical Essay by Nicky

Water Pollution and Contamination
A look at how pollution has affected the world's water.
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Published on Dec 05, 2011 in Environmental Studies (Environmental Problems)

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This paper examines the impact of pollution on the world's water supplies, further noting that a great percent of all of the water on earth is contaminated as a result of people's disregard with the environment. First, the paper defines when water is considered polluted. Then it discusses the affect of this pollution on surrounding populations. Additionally, the paper addresses how various international organizations are trying to remedy this situation, yet the progress is often slow and hampered by outside factors. In particular, the paper notes the pollution around Nacharam Lake in India. The paper concludes by stating that in order for all people to realize the effects that their actions have on the environment, governments need to invest large amounts of money in promoting the combat against the factors contaminating water.

From the Paper:

"Water is by and large considered to be polluted when it is unfit for its planned use. Water can be polluted because of point source pollutants and because of nonpoint source pollutants. Point source pollutants are the pollutants which are being released directly into the water, while nonpoint source pollutants are the pollutants which are carried into bodies of water indirectly, with the help of environmental changes. Nonpoint source pollutants are the main contaminants found throughout lakes and rivers, and it is normally more difficult for such pollutants to be controlled than it is for point source pollutants.
"Water pollution has become an international topic, with almost all of the nations around the world having been affected by it. There are various factors ranging from accidents to intentional contamination that have lead to the pollution of water. Numerous people have seen rivers, seas, or oceans as the perfect place for their composts to be disposed of. Individuals normally believe that contaminants will remain where they had initially been dumped. However, water is one of the essential factors in spreading the effects of dumps and spills much further from their original location."

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