Was Hitler a Strong Dictator? Analytical Essay by NMcRae

This essay considers various arguments for and against Hitler being a strong dictator.
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In this article, the writer discusses whether Hitler was a strong dictator or not. The writer finds that if one believes a dictator's strength to be defined by their level of administrative control of the state, it can be argued that Hitler was a weak dictator. The writer also finds that if one believes a dictator's strength is determined by their ideological following, Hitler again was a strong dictator. The writer concludes that whether Hitler was a weak dictator or not is entirely dependent on the individual's belief in what constitutes a strong or weak dictator.

From the Paper:

"Under Nazi rule, Hitler led Germany to total war and to genocidal actions against both Russia and the Jewish nation. These were state actions of the most severe nature. That Hitler was Germany's dictator is hard, if not impossible, to deny. Whether Hitler was a strong dictator or a weak dictator, however, is an intensely debated question. In the absence of having lived as Hitler or at the least within the very upper echelons of Nazi leadership, one can only truly speculate based on limited primary sources, the level of Hitler's dictatorial strength during his dictatorship. Some, such as Hans Mommsen in his piece 'Hitler's Stellung im Nationalsozialistischen Herrschaftssystem' and Martin Broszat through his text 'The Hitler State: The Foundation and Development of the internal structure of the Third Reich', have argued conclusively that Hitler was somewhat of a weak dictator, with the true power of the Nazi state lying in fragmented decision making processes dispersed throughout the state."

Sample of Sources Used:

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