Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior Analytical Essay by Coolpower

Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior
A paper which looks at various studies to determine whether violent video games lead to aggressive behavior.
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The paper shows that with the rise in violence among American teenagers, the media has been quick to link this trend with violent video games. The paper argues that this assumption is premature and inconclusive and looks at several studies done on the subject to prove this point.

From the Paper:

"Since the tragic incident in Littleton, Colorado where two troubled young boys killed and wounded many of their classmates and themselves, our society has been looking for an answer to what happened. What would make two young boys kill other students and themselves? It is well known that the boys played video games, and Doom was a favorite. Doom is a first-player action game where the gamer makes his or her way through a series of levels killing opponents. In the search for answers, the media was quick to link the game and its violent content to the cause of what went wrong for these boys. This is too simple of an answer and is not a fair assessment of video games, at least based on current research. While research in other media has shown links between violent content and aggressive behavior, this is not true about violent video games."

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