Violent Extremism in the United States Analytical Essay by AcademicDoctor

Violent Extremism in the United States
The paper looks at different types of violent extremism found in the United States.
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In this article, the writer looks at extremism in the US and how it has developed as a result of religious and radical beliefs. Specifically, the writer begins with a discussion of right-wing history and then follows by studying modern extremism. Hate propaganda from William Pierce is viewed and the various criminal acts provided in the literature are discussed. The paper also views eco-terrorism, animal rights groups and finally Black Hebrew Israelites. The writer concludes that extremist groups follow religious conspiracy theories that brainwash their followers into taking arms and resisting federal norms.

A Brief History of Right-Wing Extremism in the United States
Modern Right-Wing Resurgence
William Pierse's Blueprint for Revolution
Criminal Behavior Among Right-Wing Extremists
Eco-Terrorism and Animal Rights
Black Hebrew Israelites

From the Paper:

" Religion and conspiracy theories influence right-wing extremist groups. Followers feel they are losing economic status because sinister forces are conspiring to swindle them out of the American dream. They are patriotic and have a passion for firearms. An example is the Idaho-based Aryan Nations, which is similar to the Ku Klux Klan. A few incidents within the United States brought extremism to the forefront. The Brady Bill brought proposed gun control legislation, which the extremists used to gain public support. Another issue was the killing of a white supremacist leader's son and pregnant wife by FBI snipers. Third, the events of Waco Texas where families were burned or shot to death under David Koresh's Branch Davidian complex when seized by the ATF."

Sample of Sources Used:

  • White, J. R. (2002). Terrorism an introduction. (4th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning.

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