Vietnam: A Product of Colonialism Analytical Essay by Nicky

A discussion on modern day Vietnam as a product of colonialism and the Vietnam war.
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The paper explores Vietnam's protracted history of occupation, resistance and violence, beginning with the French colonialists, Ho Chi Minh's struggle for independence and the American intervention in the Vietnam war. The paper discusses how as the region gradually becomes a more self-directed part of the world community, the ways in which its past experiences have profoundly shaped it become ever more apparent.

From the Paper:

"As the French besieged Saigon in an effort to regain the capital city of its colonial venture, the Vietnamese sought peaceful resolution, desiring to engage negotiations in both Paris in Vietnam directed toward a comprised accord. With American pressure underscoring its efforts, France refused to withhold its bloody assault on Northern Vietnamese strongholds. A crucial attack on the key port city of Haiphong would be a fundamentally French provocation of a conflict which could no longer be avoided. In a move which would echo traditional methods of colonial brutality, "on November 23, 1946, the French killed, according to their own admission, over six thousand civilians in Haiphong." (Allen et al, 22)
"This would provoke a determined response from the Northern encamped Vietnamese, led by Ho Chi Minh. The consequent offensive waged against the French in Hanoi would initiate 'in earnest' the First Indochina War. (Drake, 25) Ultimately then, the American conflict in Vietnam was a product of the region's colonized history as it came to clash with the divisions that made up the Cold War in the second half of the 20th Century. In 1945, a century of uncontested French occupation came to an end when the Communist movement in Vietnam gained armed momentum."

Sample of Sources Used:

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