Using Human Nature to Rule Analytical Essay

An analysis of how human nature is a key ingredient in Machiavelli's views, as expressed in "The Prince," of how a prince should rule.
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Published on Jan 28, 2012 in Political Science (Machiavelli, Niccolo)

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The paper examines the qualities of a prince that Machiavelli set forth in "The Prince," believing that these had a major impact on how that prince ruled and how effective he was. The paper discusses the need for a prince to be consistently prepared for anything, not to be overly kind, to be feared not hated and to be a skillful deceiver. The author of this paper presents the opinion that it is necessary for such actions against morality to take place to ensure survival of the powers of the prince and for the well being of the state.

From the Paper:

"An important point Machiavelli also makes is that a prince should be consistently prepared for anything and never let his guard down. A prince must know that his subjects in times of need will put their personal interests in the way of their duties to the prince. A prince must be very leery of the trust given to his subjects. He believed if a person was given power he would thirst for more and could not be trusted. Therefore Machiavelli thought that a prince should keep as much power as he could within his own control.
"Machiavelli also wrote about other skills a prince should have such as being a skillful deceiver and being able to mask reality. 'But one must know how to mask his nature skillfully and be a great dissembler.' (The Prince, xviii) A prince must follow everyone by appearing to be faithful, kind, strong, and gentlemanly. It is human nature that a prince will deceive and act against humanity, mercy, and religion in order to better his own interests and to preserve the state's power. It is often necessary to act against good values for the welfare of the state. A prince must learn acts of evil as well as good and also he must be able to mask his true nature."

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