US Foreign Policy in Afghanistan Analytical Essay by Nicky

US Foreign Policy in Afghanistan
An exploration of the implications of the US foreign policy in Afghanistan.
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The paper examines the political system of Afghanistan and the role of the United States and Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) in the government of this country. The paper offers a background of Afghanistan before the rise of the Taliban, describes Afghanistan's political process and explains why the United States orchestrated a large scale military invasion in Afghanistan. The paper then applies the theory of realism in international relations to US policy towards Afghanistan but also considers more sustainable options for foreign policy in Afghanistan.

From the Paper:

"The United States (US) as the sole superpower in a multipolar world system operates under its own set of rules and guided by the character of its people and values set by its culture and leaders. These qualities are manifested in the US foreign policy on specific countries across regions. Foreign policies are decisions undertaken by a particular country in terms of its political and economic transactions as well as military actions towards another sovereign state.
"Foreign policies are determined largely by the directions set by the Chief Executive; these directions on the other hand are conditioned by the pursuit of economic gain, political power and national security. One component of US foreign policy deals with actual military intervention. This approach was manifested in the US action against the Taliban government in Afghanistan."

Sample of Sources Used:

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