U.S. Foreign Policy and Nicaragua Analytical Essay by Jay Writtings LLC

U.S. Foreign Policy and Nicaragua
An exploration of the Reagan Doctrine in U.S. foreign policy, specifically in Nicaragua.
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The paper reveals that rather than using the U.S. military, the Reagan Administration used the CIA to help train and support the Contras' counter-revolution of the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The paper explores the alternative options the Reagan Administration could have pursued against the Sandinista government and examines the motivations behind the U.S. response. The paper questions whether the U.S. achieved its objective in Nicaragua and comes to the conclusion that although involving the CIA in the Nicaraguan Contra war may not have been the best of all solutions, it succeeded in stopping socialism from spreading through Central America.

From the Paper:

"Since its inception, the United States government has always practiced a foreign policy agenda which promotes the ideology of democracy and freedom for all people throughout the world. Whether is was supporting the French Revolutionaries, aiding the Chinese against a Japanese invasion or helping to defeat Nazi Germany, the notion that all people are inherently free has been the underlying theme for any U.S. involvement in international affairs. During the 1980's, President Reagan expanded upon this agenda by openly supporting freedom fighters who were opposing Soviet Aggression in their own country. This foreign policy doctrine was different and far more expansive than any previous administration and was most evident in Nicaragua during the Sandinista regime."

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