UNIX - Advantages and Disadvantages Analytical Essay by Nicky

A look at the advantages and disadvantages of the UNIX operating system.
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This paper presents an overview of the UNIX operating system, focusing on its basic structure and its advantages and disadvantages. The paper begins by giving a brief history of UNIX and how it was originally developed. It also describes how UNIX differed from contemporary operating systems at this time. Next, the paper points out the pros and cons of using a UNIX operating system. In particular, it notes the major advantage of UNIX is its multitasking and multiuser capability. A disadvantage of UNIX is its design is intended for highly trained programmers, not the lay user, such as in Windows. The paper concludes by stating that UNIX will be there in the succeeding generations and it will further evolve into other variants.


Composition of UNIX
Advantages and Disadvantages of UNIX

From the Paper:

"Like most endeavors in information technology, the development of the UNIX OS was not a one man effort but rather a collective one. Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Douglas McIlroy and others from Bell Labs were attributed to the development of the UNIX OS. The reason for the development of the UNIX OS is to allow several users to access the computer systems and use the resources concurrently. Thus, there is a sharing of resources without compromising the integrity and the performance of the system. The operating system coordinates the use of the computer's resources, allowing one person, for example, to run a spell check program while another creates a document, lets another edit a document while another creates graphics, and lets another user format a document -- all at the same time, with each user oblivious to the activities of the others. (Lucent Technologies, 2002) To this day UNIX is still prevalent because of its capacity for multiuser and multitasking role and as an open source software; it has evolved into several variants such as OpenBSD, Solaris, SuSE, Linux and others."

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