Universal Truth in "Moby Dick" and "Dark Tower" Analytical Essay by JPWrite

Universal Truth in "Moby Dick" and "Dark Tower"
Examines the theme of universal truth in these works by Herman Melville and Stephen King.
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Stripped of all minor details and subplots, both "Moby Dick" and the "Dark Tower" are tales of the on-going search for universal understanding. The main ideas and symbols of both books represent man's gradual increase in understanding. They tell of desire, which was turned into obsession and even madness. The paper shows how Roland in "The Dark Tower" and Captain Ahab of "Moby Dick" are both on a quest for truth. Also, both are damned because of their quests. Both protagonists bring along with them, unwillingly, captives of their madness. The paper shows that these two books are very similar in other details as well. These works by Herman Melville and Stephen King are very similar in many ways including the main protagonists, their quests, those who accompany them, and the means by which they try to attain their ultimate goal.

From the Paper:

"Neither Ahab nor Roland is alone in their quests. The Pequod's crew is originally ignorant of Ahab's true intent when they leave shore. They become unwilling partners in Ahab's madness (Melville 247). After killing the Man in Black, Roland must "draw" three people from our world to join him. These three, a heroin addict named Eddie, a crippled young black woman named Susannah, and a serial killer, Jack Mort, are not drawn of their own free will. They are even called, at times, just another notch along Roland's path. Mort, the murderer, is killed and later replaced by a young boy named Jake (King, Waste: Argument 3). By no choice of their own, they join the gunslinger and "...for the first time in untold years, Roland of Gilead is no longer alone in his quest for the Dark Tower" (King, Waste: Argument 4)."

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