Unity in the Young Nation Analytical Essay

Unity in the Young Nation
Discussion of attempts at unity in the first years of American independence.
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This paper analyzes the attempts at unifying the approaches to centralized versus uncentralized government in the US following independence. Various outlooks toward centralized government that existed at the time are discussed, especially in light of their impact on the Constitution. In particular, the paper examines the Articles of Confederation, the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan. The paper concludes by showing how the compromise that led to a bicameral congress dramatically improved the economy of the young nation, people's lives and the nation in general.

From the Paper:

"In 1776, at the Second Continental Congress, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed an idea that established a committee of thirteen members, each of whom came from each of the colonies. The committee was officially established on July 12 and was responsible for making a plan for the infant Confederation (Blohm 1). John Dickinson was the head of the group and drafted the committee's document, known as "The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union", in which he suggested a strong central government. As expected, a huge debate began. At this time, many had a strong-central-government-phobia; overall, that was exactly the type of government they just got rid of."

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