Understanding Puberty in Boys Analytical Essay by Nicky

A concise but descriptive overview and analysis of the changes boys experience as they reach puberty.
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This paper provides a descriptive overview of boys' puberty process, explaining the physical, emotional, social, and psychological changes that typically occur when a boy begins his transformation into a man. The paper discusses the unexplained phenomenon of early puberty. The paper concludes that while the change-filled phase of puberty can be troubling for a boy, with the proper knowledge it can also be an exhilarating part of his life.

Puberty Defined
Early Puberty
Delayed Puberty
More Physical Changes
Emotional Changes
How He Thinks Changes Too
Social Changes
Sexual Implications of Puberty

From the Paper:

"Testosterone works on many parts of the body. Near the beginning of puberty hair grows in the armpits. Testosterone causes the voice box to enlarge, and the voice starts to sound deeper. Since it takes awhile, the voice may go through a squeaky period. A boy may get embarrassed by it, but it is something that happens to most guys, and it usually doesn't last more than 6 months. Testosterone causes muscles to get bigger and stronger even without weight lifting. Towards the end of puberty, boys have a growth spurt, sometimes growing 4 to 6 inches taller in a year. Eventually the beard starts to grow. Hair may also grow elsewhere, including on the chest, stomach, and back (Sigel, 2009)."

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