Towards a More User Friendly Financial Statement Analytical Essay by Nicky

Towards a More User Friendly Financial Statement
Looks at the backward-looking and forward-looking aspects of the financial statement and argues for better forward-looking models.
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This paper explains that the financial statement provides a historical look at a company's performance, assuming that the future will be similar to the past; whereas, the forward-looking statement, with no standard formula, is only a guess. Next, the author discusses the problem of how to account for the modern problem of intellectual property, which affects the relevancy of the accounting statement. The paper stresses the need for new accounting standards to improve the relevancy, transparency and user friendliness of the financial statement, especially to meet the requirements of the changing, non-professional audience.

Table of Contents:
The Nature of the Forward-Looking Statement
Ulterior Motives
Historical Information
The Need for Relevancy
Accounting for Intellectual Property
Do We Need New Guidelines?

From the Paper:

"The manager has a motive to make their company appear to be a good investment for the future. However, so many times, shareholders only look at profits now, rather than what the company is stashing away for the future. Saving for the future means having less in the present. Managers must attract investors, therefore, there is a motive to make their company appear to be more profitable than it is in reality. They are not telling untruths, they are just rearranging the numbers so that they will appear to be more attractive to the present investor."

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