Theories of Personality Analytical Essay

Theories of Personality
Looks at the research and theories of William James, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and Alfred Adler who analyzed human mental structure or personality.
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Published on Sep 22, 2011 in Psychology (Freud) , Psychology (Jung) , Psychology (Theory) , Psychology (History of Psychology)

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This paper examines and compares the theories of four leaders during the early years of psychology. Sigmund Freud, who created a unified model of human behavior through psychoanalysis that focused on the unconscious mind, the author relates, influenced the reductionist Carl Jung and Alfred Adler, whose theories of personality are more holistic.The paper compares these three leaders with the father of psychology William James, who initially created a less definite model of psychology based on functionalism that looked at the reasons behind mental processes.

From the Paper:

"On the other hand, a person who is mentally ill does not have enough social interest. Instead, they are only concerned with themselves. The reason for being concerned with the self rather than someone else comes from a sense of inferiority When people cannot come to terms with being "less" than others on the emotional level, they develop inferiority complexes. Sometimes people will overcompensate for this tendency by developing a superiority complex. Superiority complexes cause
an individual to act as if they are better. In some cases, this could include behaviors stemming from attempts to intimidate and bully others."

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