Theories of Child Neglect Analytical Essay

Discusses theories about child neglect.
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This paper examines several theories that attempt to explain the causes of child neglect. First, the paper defines the phenomenon of child neglect, which has been attributed to a number of factors. First, the paper explores the social learning theory, which argues that individuals learn to be abusive from what they observe in the environment. Then, it considers family system theory, which attributes the problem to family breakdowns while self efficacy theory attributes it to individual traits. Finally, attachment theory is described, which argues that people learn abusive behavior from their associates. The paper concludes by noting that this vice can be countered through proper counseling.

From the Paper:

"Ecological theory supposes that neglect is brought about by various factors. These are personal, family, societal and traditional factors. For the persons engrossed in child neglect, the extent of influence by the above factors varies considerably (Daine, 2009). The family system theory is related to ecological theory but it is basically centered on the family and it purports that troubles result from poor relationships between individuals in a family. However, this theory has been criticized for failing to credit the influence of supremacy and community in individual behavior family."

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