The Wright Brothers and their "Flying Machine" Analytical Essay by Nicky

The Wright Brothers and their "Flying Machine"
Looks at the Wright Brothers' invention of the airplane and its impact on society.
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Published on Aug 12, 2011 in Engineering (Mechanical) , History (Leaders) , Aviation, Aeronautics (General)

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This paper describes the process by which the Wright Brothers invented the airplane or "flying machine" and outlines the criteria by which it is defined. Next, the author relates that from Greek mythology to present day space travel, the concept of flight has been important to mankind. The paper indicates that, although the Wright Brothers had difficulties gaining a patent, today they are highly honored.

From the Paper:

"As ground breaking as this invention was, the brothers were not granted a patent in 1903. But with the help of a patent attorney, they were granted a patent in 1908 for the creation of an item, generically called a "flying machine" . As ground breaking as this invention was, the brothers has a lot of difficulty convincing the U.S. government of the legitimacy of their invention. They had to travel to France to prove their invention, because the French, who probably had their own stake in being the first inventors of the airplane derided the Wright brothers as being fakes. The brothers were successful in France."

Sample of Sources Used:

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