The US and North Korea Analytical Essay

The US and North Korea
A look at the relationship between the US and North Korea.
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This paper presents an analysis of the complex relationship between the US and North Korea, doing so by giving a history of the conflict. The paper focuses on three different time periods, pre-World War II, the period of 1945 to 1948 when Korea was declared to have been split between North and South by the United Nations, and finally and probably the most significantly, is that of 1948 till the end of the Cold War, under North Korea's new leader Kim II Sung. Additionally, the paper describes US foreign policy during the Korean War. According to the paper, the fact remains that both states have never been able to negotiate and resolve their differences. Although today, talks are still continuing over the Reunification of Korea, North Korea has taken a cautionary stance towards the United States. The paper concludes by stating that the strained relations between the US and North Korea has had detrimental consequences for both nations.

From the Paper:

"To summarize the history between the two, we must focus on three different time zones. The first was before the World War broke out, during which time Korea had closed its borders to trade with Western countries. The tensions finally erupted when a US gunboat by the name General Sherman sent to sign trade agreements with the Koreans was sunk and its crew killed when they fired at Korean troops. The US, in retaliation carried out the attack called The Korean Intervention (Young-Sik). The nail in the coffin was not however either of the two events, as both states had managed to form trade agreements by 1882 and trade was formally being conducted among the two(Walter). It was when the United States negotiated peace after the Russo- Japanese War in 1905 that Koreans started to feel deserted by the US. They felt wronged that the US was convinced by Japanese officials that Korea was under its influence, and matters were made worse when Korean nationalists accused the US of going against Mr. Woodrow Wilson's "national self-determination principle" which they were pushing aggressively for during the Treaty of Versailles."

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