The Theology of the Greek Origen Analytical Essay by Nicky

The Theology of the Greek Origen
Looks at the views on prayer of the early Greek theologian Origen.
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This paper explains that Origen, a Christian theologian in the early Greek Church developed the first systematic description of Christian theology. Next, the author analyzes Origen's treatise "On Prayer", which argues against views that objected to prayer by seeing it as useless. The paper concludes that Origen's philosophy is that prayer is central to the human journey to perfection, God is non-anthropocentric and the intensity and depth of prayer is the way to interact with and understand the unspeakable will of God.

Table of Contents:
Origen's View on Prayer

From the Paper:

"It is also important to note that, in terms of the wider background to this treatise, Origen takes a stand against the anthropomorphic notions of God that was prevalent at the time. In other words, the view of God in terms of human and anthropomorphic characteristics is replaced in Origen's philosophy with a vision of God as 'other 'and essentially alien to humanity. This view has also been mentioned in relation to the preamble to the treatise referred to above. This leads to the view that prayer must be intensive and non-egotistical in order to apprehend and interact with a reality that is "...superior to our mortal nature". "

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