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The Spanish-American War
This paper discusses the factors behind the United States's involvement in the Spanish-American War and the effects the American victory had on the United States and world politics.
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This paper explains that, though the beginning of the hostilities of the Spanish-American War is generally attributed to the sinking of the Maine, United States involvement is actually a result of other factors as well, including public sympathy with the Cuban Revolution and the imperialist policies of leaders like William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. The author points out that reactions of Roosevelt and many politicians marked a growing trend towards increasing its influence and landholdings around the world based on America's "manifest destiny" to spread its religion and political democracy across other, "less civilized" nations. The paper states that the greater legacy of the Spanish-American War was the growth of United States imperialism that was established through increased trade with foreign countries and military control.

Table of Contents
Factors behind United States Involvement in the War
Sympathy with Cuban Revolution
Sinking of the USS Maine
After the War

From the Paper:

"Beneath this supposedly worthy goal, however, lay the desire for more power. Admiral Alfred T. Mahan, an influential writer and one of manifest destiny's most vocal proponents, also believed that foreign markets were the key to disposing the surplus of products that were being manufactured in factories in the United States. This necessitated a large merchant marine fleet to ferry the products to the colonies. The merchant fleet would also need protection from a strong naval force. Finally, coaling stations had to be established in various parts around the world, to fuel the merchant and navy ships."

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