"The Souls of Black Folk" Analytical Essay by Scholar13

"The Souls of Black Folk"
A review of the critique by W.E.B. Dubois of Washington's philosophy, as written in his book of essays "The Souls of Black Folk".
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This paper examines W.E.B Dubois public critique of Booker T. Washington's philosophical thought. Dubois examines Washington's philosophy in his renown book of essays "The Souls of Black Folk". Three major issues are objectively scrutinized within the essay labeled "Of Mr. Booker T. Washington and Others". They include African American issues concerning: political power, civil rights, and high education.

From the Paper:

Essentially, three elements were objectively critiqued by Dubois towards Washington. This process was simply an introduction of dispute between two African American philosophers with two dissimilar agenda's for the success and advancement of the African American people. While reading the book titled "W.E.B. DuBois The Souls of Black Folk" Dubois offers the reader an overall explanation for his argument towards Washington's ideology: "In the history of nearly all other races and peoples the doctrine preached at such crises has been that manly self-respect is worth more than lands and houses, and that a people who voluntarily surrender such respect, or cease striving for it, are not worth civilizing. "In answer to this, it has been claimed that the Negro can survive only through submission. Mr. Washington distinctly asks that black people give up, at least for the present, three things. First political power. Second, insistence on civil rights. Third, higher education of Negro youth and concentrate all their energies on industrial education, the accumulation of wealth, and the conciliation of the south."

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