The Sociology of Sex and Gender Analytical Essay by Paramount

The Sociology of Sex and Gender
A literature review on the theories, methods and studies that have attempted to explain the roles that sex and gender play in society.
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The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on the topic of the sociology of sex and gender. It compares and contrasts the different beliefs that explain the role of sex and gender in society. It begins by reviewing various works that define and differentiate between the terms "sex" and "gender." The works explored include feminist studies and works originating in the Victorian era. The paper then explores the importance of the familial environment on gender identification, referring to works on the Oedipus complex and concluding with a study that investigates differences in attitude among males and females concerning sex.

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"Lets begin by focusing on how sex and gender are defined and differentiated. An article in Sex Roles: A Research Journal explains that psychologists who study the psychology of gender have struggled with distinguishing the terminology. The term "Sex" refers to the anatomical aspects of being a man or a woman. ("Gender and Society") On the other hand the term "Gender" usually refers to the behavioral, social, and psychological characteristics of males and females. (Pryzgoda) The article reports that in recent years studies conducted involving intersexed infants has caused sociologists to question the meaning of sex groupings and theories that are based on the experiences of intersexed and transgender people. (Pryzgoda) Regardless of this new concern it is safe to conclude that people who research the sociology of sex and gender would probably agree that they are not synonymous terms. (Hunt)"

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