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The Social Sciences and Youth Violence
This paper discusses the causality of youth violence from the perspective of the social sciences disciplines of anthropology, psychology and sociology
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This paper explains that this anthropological study of youth violence takes an ethnographic approach. The paper then points out that psychology looks at youth violence in terms of cause and effect and how those related issues can determine methods of prevention through intervention with human behavior. In addition, the paper relates that sociology studies the culture of youth violence seeking ways to change the manner in which society functions to correct the problem. The author concludes that these social sciences need to reexamine themselves and make efforts to bring their methodologies into the twenty-first century; however, there is room for all of the current disciplines to co-exist in today's world.

From the Paper:

"Judging by recent events, the questions asked by Courtney (1999) are as relevant today as they were when the article was written. Courtney asks why do boys and men commit 95% of the violent crimes in the United States? Why do teen homicides frequently have the common denominator of boys killing boys with guns? Why do one in 10 high school boys carry guns to school, in contrast to one in 70 girls? The answer, Courtney explains, has roots in today's society. Although we tell boys to solve things peacefully, boys are often represented in the media as resolving issues by fighting."

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