The Secrecy of the Undocumented Analytical Essay by Madame Mimi

An exploration of the secrecy present in the lives of undocumented immigrants, and how the stress of keeping a secret affects the immigrants' emotional well-being.
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This paper explores the idea of secrecy as it relates to illegal or undocumented immigrants who have no choice but to bear the burden of their heavy secret while striving to create new lives in a new land. Citing seven academic sources and one extensive personal interview, this paper discusses how the concept of secrecy relates to the lives of undocumented immigrants. The paper delves into the meaning of anti-immigration laws recently passed in Arizona, and the establishment of the Minutemen organization. The paper concludes that the stressful combination faced by undocumented people in America who live stressful immigrant life, while concealing their legal status, can lead to emotional trauma; the only true solution for these psychological problems is comprehensive immigration reform.

From the Paper:

"Consider how it would feel to always have something to conceal. Consider the role changes that Gomez and her family endured. As one small example, consider the fact that within just a few years, due to her developing skills in the English language, Gomez took on adult roles of translating for her parents and negotiating with adults on many different levels. Every day there were more secrets to deal with, at school, with doctors, with landlords and businesses and other overwhelming everyday details. Just think about what the idea of being "illegal" would be like to live with on a daily basis."

Sample of Sources Used:

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