The Role of the Phytoplankton in the Food Web Analytical Essay by Beng

The Role of the Phytoplankton in the Food Web
Looks at the decrease in potential food availability problem created by the decrease in phytoplankton in the ocean.
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This paper explains that the decreasing amount of phytoplankton in the sea, which is a primary food producer, does have the potential to decrease the amount of human food as well as an increase in food competition around the world. Next, the author suggests that human beings should try to find ways to preserve and increase availability of phytoplankton. However, the paper underscores the decrease in phytoplankton can be stopped by implementing deliberate methods centered on increasing phytoplankton growth so that human beings will have enough food for the coming centuries.

Table of Contents:
What the Decrease of Phytoplankton Mean
Weaknesses, Limitations, Uncertainties, and Criticisms

From the Paper:

"Lastly, the decreasing amount of phytoplankton affects food availability around the world because, aside from sucking up gases, it also produces sulphur containing organic gases like the dimethylsulfide (DMS) and the dimethylsulfonioproprionate (DMSP) that are used by marine plants or are suspended into the air. After evaporating it forms sulfuric acid that form clouds that are highly important to plants, especially those that are on land. By decreasing phytoplankton in the ocean, there is less sulfuric acid and clouds in the air, which mean a tougher environment for the living organisms on land. Plants are less likely to produce edible substance for food, as an effect of less rain and a hotter climate."

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