The Role of Air Power in the Iran-Iraq War Analytical Essay by NMcRae

The Role of Air Power in the Iran-Iraq War
This essay argues that air power in the Iran-Iraq War was used as a deterrence.
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This essay looks at the role of air power in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-88, arguing that it was largely used as a deterrent to an escalation in the conflict. First, the author examines how air power was used in the conventional role during the conflict. It then goes on to look at the vested interest that both sides had in not escalating the war. The essay explains how this led to air power being used to dissuade both sides from intensifying the conflict. The author states that international opinion, especially that of the United States and the Former Soviet Union, may also have a influenced both sides from having a more aggressive air conflict.

From the Paper:

"Air power during the Iran-Iraq war was used to a small degree in conventional combat roles. It was used on a number of occasions, primarily during the early stages of the conflict, in the ground attack role. On the arguable first day of the war, 22nd September 1980, Iraqi air assets conducted strikes on towns, cities, airports and industrial instalments. Of importance, this included attacks on 10 Iranian airfields. In retaliation, the Iranian air force struck back at two Iraqi airbases on the same day. Over the following days, such Iraqi strikes continued with lesser intensity until by the 25th September they were largely limited to attacks on easily reachable bases close to the border. Paralleling the Iraqi actions, similar ground attacks by Iranian air assets also continued until the 25th September when they stopped almost completely."

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